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Choosing an oak furniture is easy, but finding the right floor is not so easy. Here are ideas for colored flooring to match your oak cabinets. We also show you the best floors for your home.

Oak wood has a natural tone, so the best color of the floor can also be changed. Oak typically has a warm undertone that makes it your baseline. Oak has broad classes such as red and white oak. Depending on the style and temperature of the oak, look for a colored floor such as:

  • White for warmth and neutral canvas
  • Gray for cool tones
  • Green, blue or brown to bring out the colors of nature

Read on to understand the best floor color for your oak cabinets.

You can use this color guide to help you decide what type of oak cabinet will suit your floor.

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White Oak

The advantages of this popular white oak are as follows:

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White oak is harder than other hardwood species. This is a premium option for heavy-duty kitchens, unlike other types that can take dings or dents. Most white oak cabinets retain their elegant appearance without sacrificing durability.

even grain

The white oak grain is even. The flat cut has a large grain that most people associate with oak. Today, high-quality cabinets and furniture, as well as carpenters, strive for new designs and styles.

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Trendy Color Schemes

White oaks provide a stunning canvas that keeps the emphasis on the neutrals. Its softer tones are better suited for buildings in contrast to floors, tiles, and countertops.

oak honey

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Honey oak retains a striking orange color that can be achieved with honey stain.

If you want to update your home and want to work in honeyoak kitchen cabinets, a few layers of honey oak can accentuate your area. However, this theme doesn't look modern right now as the owners have tweaked their color schemes.

On the other hand, if you really want to play with orange undertones, look for other colors like blue or purple undertones.

dark oak

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Obviously, this is the darkest of all. It has a striking dark brown color running through it with hints of light brown colors present in the wood.

There are other interesting reasons why dark oak cabinets are better for your home or kitchen. Read below.

Hides all dirt and stains.

If the area has a lot of traffic, dark oak cabinets are the best option. For homeowners with pets and children, dark colors can mask things like wear and tear on furniture. Dark is better than white.

unlimited possibilities

Light furniture is used as a background for open spaces, creating an attractive kitchen. On the other hand, dark cabinets serve as a base. You can mix dark colors with light colors and add color to your flooring, lighting, and décor to create a stunning and satisfying look.

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luxury feeling

Dark oak cabinets add richness and depth and convey a sense of luxury. Set against the white, these dark oaks give the kitchen a formal and unique feel.

What are the best color floors for oak cabinets?


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This is a popular color of choice for most floors for many reasons. It's a neutral color with a different range of undertones that will bring an earthy touch to your space. It is a light color that brightens up the room and is easier to keep an area clean compared to a white floor.

The beige floors go perfectly with the oak cabinets, as both have warm tones. It also makes a good base in your kitchen, giving you the opportunity to mix bold and bright colours.

Remember, oak cabinets and beige flooring are great options as they can work together to create a different look and feel in your home.


A white floor covering is simple but elegant to look at. For a more modern look, you can opt for a white laminate floor. White floors can make it difficult to keep them clean. However, if you have the patience to mop every day, then this floor is for you.

The white colors contrast with all the shades of the oak cabinets. Oak wood is available in different color tones depending on the tree species. If you don't feel comfortable choosing some colors for your oak cabinet, surely you can opt for white, which will combine perfectly with any type of oak.

White floors with oak cabinets fit in a small kitchen. It makes the area appear larger than it actually is. White colors reflect light and give a feeling of spaciousness.

Combine oak cabinets and white flooring to create a great result in your kitchen. Oak furniture gives off a powerful feeling of warmth that has a great effect on white.

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Who doesn't want a modern kitchen? Installing gray flooring can help you achieve the most modern look for your kitchen. Gray floors work best on oak cabinets and create a nice contrast. Since the color gray has a medium tone, you can choose between light gray and dark gray to create a nice contrast.

Gray floors come in tile forms: stained, laminated,wood wood, hardwood and vinyl. So if these colors appeal to you, then they suit your budget and needs.

If you have a large kitchen, gray floors are the best. It grounds the entire room to make it look cozier. However, if you go for a light gray, you can achieve a slightly airy look.

Always remember that dark colors hide dirt and even stains. It does not involve high maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. You might consider this if you have pets and small children.


Some oaks have shades of yellow while others have shades of red. You might want to try red floors with oak cabinets, right? We wanted the red floors to work well too, creating a fall theme to the area.

If you want a bold look, choose a bold red color. Clay tiles with a hint of terracotta are suitable for an organic setting.

You may hear of cherry and mahogany woods. Yes, it works best with oak cabinets. However, it can be difficult to achieve. If you're curious to give it a try, look for dark red hardwood floors with brown undertones and white oak cabinets instead of the red oak. In this way, both types of wood do not compete with each other.


Some would want black, some would not. But black is always beautiful depending on the person's perspective and how it is applied and combined. Black backgrounds don't always look harsh and sore on the eyes. But if you rest it in your kitchen, you will be amazed by its elegant and elegant appearance.

Black floors can balance out oak cabinets and add intensity to a lovely kitchen design.

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To have a kitchen with an industrial and modern style, combine it with a black floor with its oak cabinets and dark marble countertop. Secure it with a gray backsplash. Sleek hardware can further the industrial theme and adorn it with silver or black metal.

Is oak better for kitchen cabinets?

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Premium traditional oak is perfect for your kitchen cabinets. With its neutral colors you can combine any style and design you want. He always goes with the flow. The natural grain of oak is too fabulous to look at. In addition, oak is one of the most stable woods in furniture construction. Its natural durability combats warping due to age and moisture.

There are a few options to consider when choosing an oak cabinet for your kitchen. There is demand for white and red oaks. Red invites warmth and white brings rich, dark colors to your current palette.

You may want to consider these tips below.

  1. Accentuate the natural color by applying a finish immediately.
  2. Review samples before staining your oak cabinets. This way, the grain will not discolor the two-tone color.
  3. Oak cabinets offer a more premium aesthetic than many hardwoods.
  4. Pair a light cabinet with dark hardware and vice versa.


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Oak cabinets are an attractive addition to your home or kitchen, regardless of the layout. If you have sturdy woods around you, you're lucky to enhance your sense of composition with modern designs.

Choose colored flooring based on what works best for your space. Consider the above and wait for the result. It is really impressive!

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