Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (2023)

Are you looking for the kitchen cabinet color trends for 2023? Here's your in-depth guide to the best furniture paint and stain color trends.

If you are new to Porch Daydreamer, paint color is MORE my specialtyforecast annual color trends.

If you are looking for the trending colors for kitchen cabinets in 2023, you have come to the right place! Please don't shoot the messenger, but yes, white is all but eliminated as a "fashion color".

Cabinet colors don't change radically every year, they change and expand. So don't worry, you can still paint your cabinets white - mine are and will be too!

Colors change little from year to year as kitchen and bathroom remodels, home renovations and new builds are long lasting.

Cabinet color trend lifetime

Trend colors usually last an average of 3 to 5 years. The colors will change and expand each year.

Major stain and ink color changes occur every 5 to 7 years. 2021 was that big shift and the colors evolved in 2022 and 2023.

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (1)

A typical kitchen renovation occurs after 10 to 15 years of use...that's a long life!

Funnily enough I decided to renovate my kitchen after living in my house for 11 years - NO.

Annual color trends for furniture colors

Knowing that the main paint colors don't change that often, I think it's important to provide a quick overview of the cabinet color trends for 2021 and 2022.

What has happened in the past few years is the basis for new wardrobe color trends in 2023.

Please don't hesitate to click through for more information on 2021 and 2022.

Here you aretop closet color trends emerging in 2021.

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (2)

Cabinet color trends for 2021

  1. Grey-green-blue was the new HOT color.
  2. The cool grays disappeared and were replaced by warm grays or "grays".
  3. Nature inspired the forest and yellow-green was born.
  4. The coffee-colored stains replaced the honey tones.
  5. Deep Bronze/Dark Brown has replaced Black.
  6. Cool grayish blues are a new neutral color.

Here is a review fromColor trends for wall cabinets 2022and as you can see pops of color have been added to the mix building on earthy neutrals in 2021.

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (3)

Cabinet color trends for 2022

  1. The new color is RED, both fire and berry red.
  2. Deep jewel tones have been added in a variety of colors.
  3. Coffee stains are darkened and rustic driftwood is added.
  4. Naturally based yellow-greens with shades of gray dominate.
  5. Blues are expanded into cool tones, both light and dark.
  6. Warm white is balanced with pure bright white.
  7. The gray is gone and has been replaced with greige (warm grey).

Let's dive into the 2023 wardrobe color trends with this roundup of wardrobe color trends from the past two years!

Color trends 2023 for kitchen cabinets

Since paint colors and predicting color trends are my specialty, I did EXTENSIVE researchFarbtrends 2023, took partSherwin Williams Colormix Trendprognose, in addition to developing theThe best of the best interior colors for 2023.

By combining all of this information I was able to come up with a total of 24 cabinet colors to consider when designing or remodeling your kitchen.

In addition to the paint colors, I'll also give you a brief overview of the new stain colors!

Color trends 2023: lacquer and paint

The changes in 2023 are subtle at their core, but there are some NEW COLOURS!

As a reminder, cabinet colors are much smaller and generally more conservative than trendy interior wall options (Check out the interior paint color trends for 2023 here).

Cabinet makers work with paint manufacturers to develop new colors to coat their cabinets, so it makes sense for trend colors to coordinate.

However, it will take longer for trendy interior colors to find their way into the carpenter's offer and be accepted by the masses. That takes several years!

Wood trends for cabinets 2023

Let's break down ALL the colors, but first let's talk about 2023 wood stain options.

(Video) These Are The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Last year, the term "coffee and charred" was used to describe the shade of the new trend colors. The previous year included distressed finishes and driftwood.

New for 2023 is the addition of honey tones and what I will call "whisky" tones.

Think of the stain colors called Brandy and Rye alongside the stain colors called Spice. What does that mean?

Just like inInterior painting trends for 2023Warmer colors are now on the scene.

In 2022, wood stains for cabinetry will be built in coffee tones and charred wood finishes, but in 2023, amber whiskey-honey tones are the hot new trend..

porch dreamer
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (4)

2023 wood stain trends for cabinets

  1. Amber woods in pine, oak and maple are the new trend for stained kitchen furniture.
  2. The MIX of wood tones and plain colors is the most important trend in kitchen design in 2023.
  3. Warmer wood tones will follow the trend as they are paired with dark, muted tones and touches of light jewel tones.
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (5)

Kitchen cabinet trends made of wood:Don't expect all wood cabinets to be stained, but wood cabinets used as accents between cabinets that are painted in deeper hues or paired with light colors.

porch dreamer

You may be wondering if stained wood cabinets are a trend? Or should you put all stained wood cabinets in your kitchen. The answer is absolutely not.

Color trends 2023 for kitchen cabinets

My favorite part of the trends is PAINT COLOR! Don't worry, these colors can also be used in the bathroom.

Whether you're planning a full renovation, construction, or a simple renovation, I've got the 2023 colors to include in your planning.

As you have already read, WHITE has been completely downplayed in the 2023 trend palettes.

Now think of WHITE as a HIGHLIGHT or BACKGROUND to other colors. What replaces white?

Let's discuss...

In 2023, white cabinets will be replaced by beige, mushroom and taupe. Warmer earth tones are the new trend for cozier kitchens. Be warned... beige instantly makes a room appear smaller.

porch dreamer

Looking at this mix, are you wondering where the color went?

That was my first thought, but that's because the last two years have brought so much color.

This year it's a VERY neutral heavy palette that uses color as an accent. Let's dive deeper into blending and see how these colors work together.

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (6)

Color trends for kitchen cabinets 2023

  1. White has practically disappeared and has been replaced by new neutral colors such as grey, beige, mushroom and taupe.
  2. Jewel tones are a big trend for cabinets, paired with whiskey stained glass cabinets for warmth.
  3. Forest green dominates and is becoming a staple in kitchens, ranging from light to dark with shades of yellow and gray.
  4. Black is back! But it's soft and warm, not cold and dark.
  5. Deep, moody browns, blues and grays are a new neutral staple for a cozy vibe.
  6. Cinnamon and spicy red tones as well as strong blue are the new accent colors.

But remember, we're BUILT on color for 2021, so don't forget these colors are STILL hot in 2023. Don't ignore them and just focus on this year.

What got me a little nervous are the honey colored cabinets, which we ditched in the early 2000s but it's been 20 years so they're making a comeback.

What is MUCH better now is how honey colored cabinets are mixed with gorgeous jewel tones and deep dark tones. So don't worry!

If you have honey cabinets, just paint a PORTION of the kitchen cabinets a new color for an instant refresh.

A quick way to update a 20-year-old kitchen with honey-colored cabinets is to paint the island or bench with cabinets a deep jewel tone or dark, moody color to instantly bring it into 2023.

porch dreamer

Popular cabinet colors 2023

Now let's look at cabinet paint colors 2023 by groups.

I'm going to break it down into 4 sections to make it a little easier to follow and understand.

  1. White and neutral body colors
  2. Cabinet color light and dark green
  3. Spot colors for cabinet colors
  4. Cabinet colors in dark tones

There's a ton of kitchen design inspiration to follow, so enjoy!

Best neutral colors for closets in 2023

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (7)
(Video) Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors (that aren't white!)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (8)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (9)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (10)

Shouldn't I have painted my off-white cabinets? No chance because they were the wrong shade of white according to the new trends.

You will never go wrong by choosing white as the base for your kitchen cabinets.

They never go out of style, they just change their tone. If you want a warmer vibe in your kitchen, try one of the newer shades of gray or mushroom.

Best green colors for cabinets in 2023

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (11)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (12)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (13)

Ah, nature-inspired shades of green, from light to dark! It's interesting because there was no denialIn 2022 the interior paint color was green! You will increasingly see green as the color of choice for kitchens.

There's something about the pandemic and the stay-at-home movement that has solidified to bring nature-based paints indoors.

Green is an easy color to use in a kitchen, paired with ANY shade of wood and mixed with white for a fresh new look.

Mother Nature uses green as a foundation and so can you.

Best Jewel Colored Cabinet Colors in 2023

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (14)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (15)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (16)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (17)

OK, on ​​the other hand, bringing nature indoors is to brighten our moods and living spaces.

Throw in a touch of vibrant jewel tones or spicy reds to instantly lift our spirits.

Level up these dopamine-inducing colors with rich woodstains and black to anchor them.

The interesting thing about the 2023 cabinet color trends is that deep, light hues are balanced with warmer wood tones. Earth tones complement each color to make them more homely in kitchens large and small.

porch dreamer

Best dark colors for cabinets in 2023

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (18)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (19)
Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (20)

OK, this is where the battle begins for me, as this dark palette has very little to no light reflectance value.

My advice to anyone thinking of using dark and sombre colors is to use WHITE as a balance point to balance out the dark colors and bring more light into your kitchen.

Add wood tones to furniture, accessories, shelves or beams to complement these deep colors.

A NEW kitchen trend for 2023 is DRAMATIC marble veins and they would look stunning paired with this color palette.

Goodbye White! Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2023 (21)

Ink color matches closet trends

Click the button below to download. Includes manufacturer information so you can experiment with paint colors in your home!

(Video) 2023 KITCHEN DESIGN TRENDS | Goodbye Outdated Kitchen

Wow! That was a lot to cover and I hope you found my in-depth color trend analysis helpful in your kitchen design journey.

The colors have changed dramatically, so consider your decision carefully.

My advice? Don't follow trends and choose what you love and can LIVE to be happy.

I do that at my home 😉

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