Do your bit for the environment with the best recycling bins (2023)

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RecyclingSeparating as much of our waste as possible has never been more important, but it's a process that is often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives - which is exactly why a decent kitchen recycling bin is so important.

Ten years ago, this type of waste bin was rarely a pretty thing - more often they were made of concrete gray plastic sheets best hidden in the darkest corners of our kitchen, making it all too easy to ignore our recycling responsibilities.

But now? Kitchen recycling bins have undergone a major overhaul, with a sleek, tactile design that is not only easy to use, but takes pride of place in the most stylish of homes. So without further ado, bring on the buckets…

As we tested

Despite living in a two-person household, we go through a surprisingly large amount of waste of all kinds, even though we're also avid recyclers, so testing kitchen recycling bins was (if a little cumbersome at times) a breeze. We have developed a whole new understanding of pedal mechanisms and waste bag edges, and have spent more time than we can remember inserting and removing liners of all shapes and sizes.

In short, you can trust that we have everything in order. Our priorities were ease of use, looks and the bin's ability to fit inside the bin - our pets hate rattling lids and awkward shapes, which thankfully didn't ruin our testing session on this occasion.

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The best kitchen recycling bins for 2021 are:

  • The best overall- Dunelm 16l low bin, charcoal: £30, Dunelm,To install Dunelm. com
  • Best for larger homes- Black + Decker 40l soft close pedal operated bin: £69.99,
  • Best for sensitive floors– Eco round open bin 5/5 litre: £45,To install Dunelm. com
  • The best for elegant style- Dunelm Sage Green recycled bathroom bowl: £22,To install Dunelm. com
  • Best for color coordination– Brabantia sort and go bin: £49.95,
  • Best for smooth opening- Addis 7l compost to recycle: £39.99,
  • The best for versatility- The following set of 3 geo kitchen recycling bags: £20,
  • The best for a vintage look- Bock multi-compartment waste and bin on 12 liter rocker panel: £23.13,
  • Best for small spaces- Brabantia newicon stainless steel 4 liter multi-compartment waste and bin: £29.99,
  • Best for accessibility- Oil-Cube Open Top Bin: £
  • The best for durability– Orthex SmartStore: 89,99 GBP,

Dunelm 16l low bin, charcoal



  • Capacity:8l and 8l

This is a bin that looks great in kitchens as well as living rooms and offices. The slate-inspired color scheme minimizes the risk of color clashes and achieves the rare feat of being incredibly practical and effortlessly stylish. The features we loved most are the simple ones that are often overlooked, whether it's the dual pedals (in our experience, most dual tanks rely on a single pedal to open a single lid, but here both tanks have separate lids and pedals), deep recessed side handles, or the fact that the lids on the dumpsters don't open all the way when the pedal is pressed - they don't quite reach the vertical axis, increasing the risk of stains on the wall is reduced. The flat surface makes it easy to clean and the large holes in each bin make it easy to fit rubbish bags. And trust us, if the bucket looks this great, the muffin tin is a big miss.

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Black + Decker 40 l soft close trash can

Best:For larger homes


  • Capacity:20l a 20l

This is a great option for larger kitchens and fantastic proof that bigger containers don't mean you have to sacrifice everything in terms of style. We like the high-gloss finish, but we're wary of fingerprints, and all too often the so-called fingerprint-resistant bins just don't cut it. Not so with this one, which stubbornly stayed intact even after we gripped the bucket with wet hands while removing some seriously stubborn substrate. We liked that the wide foot pedal has grip marks for easy opening, and the tall, slim bins are easy to remove and great for convenience, with holes for excess scraps and large metal handles on both. The soft close – a rarity on a bucket of this size – was also a welcome surprise.

Eco round trash can 5/5 liters with open top

Best:For sensitive floors


  • Capacity:5l in 5l

This tardis-like bin consists of two bins under the smoothest finish we've ever felt - one so slick we couldn't stop it (and trust us, we've never said that about a kitchen bin before). It has a simple, elegant design that makes it ideal for stylish, smaller kitchens - it's big enough to handle a decent amount of waste, and the flash of bright green (added to distinguish one container from another) enhances the style. There's plenty of practicality too, such as internal holes to ensure bin liners can be pulled in securely, raised plastic tabs on both bins for easy removal, and four heavy-duty rubber feet to protect hard floors. It's also easy to clean (which is important when it comes to our kitchenware criteria), thanks to its open design and easy-to-remove rim.

Dunelm sage green bathroom bowl for recycling

Best:For an elegant style


  • Capacity:2,5l and 3,5l

Recycled kitchen containers in pastel shades are rare, and on the rare occasions we came across one, they were rarely pretty. Compare this piece of pastel perfection - a pale green tub with a smooth matte finish and two surprisingly roomy tubs (both with loop handles) tucked away under a soft-closing lid. We like that one bin is a bit bigger - there's almost always one type of waste that people produce more of - and we're seriously impressed with the premium quality feel, which extends to everything from the sturdiness of the foot pedal to the lid closing mechanism.

Brabantia sorts and goes into the trash

Best:For color coordination


  • Capacity:40l

The beauty of this bucket is its simplicity, although we were skeptical at first. There's no internal tank, which could be a problem for those who prefer removable parts when it comes to cleaning, although the lack of a pedal - a known hiding place for bacteria - makes this process much easier. At first we wondered why it was marked as a bin when there was only one place for rubbish, but then we remembered how loyal Brabantia fans are to the brand and realized it's not so much a bin in its own right , but a bin designed to be used with other Brabantia items. And if you like coordinating with bins, this is probably a great option – there are dozens of items in identical color schemes, which is great news for anyone looking to make their bin stand out from the rest of the world. wrong way. We also liked the large handle and slim design, meaning it slips effortlessly into the tightest of spaces.

Compost in recycle Addis 7l

Best:For smooth opening


(Video) Make Useful Home Decor from Recycling Bin Trash

  • Capacity:7l

This bin made us rethink our obsession with the sensors and motion detectors you'll see on many bins, as the mechanism that opens the lid is the smoothest we've come across in a manual bin - just give the lid the lightest touch and it slides almost electronically back. Designed with both compostable materials and smaller recyclable items in mind, this bin attaches to the sides of kitchen cabinets and comes with a sticker (for attaching to walls or the sides of kitchen cabinets) and a hook (allowing it to be hung over the door). transferred) from the device), as well as a slot for a fragrance capsule or carbon filter.

Next set of 3 geo kitchen recycling bags

Best:For versatility


We love this set of three recycling bags, labeled paper, plastic and glass, which offer a touch of geometric style and can be hung from pegs and handles, but are also sturdy enough to stand on their own. Their exterior is clean (although the indulgent color scheme means they're incredibly easy to care for), and we loved the stylish ribbon-like handles. Suddenly traditional containers are looking pretty ugly.

Bock 12 liter trash can and trash can with multiple compartments

Best:For a vintage look


  • Capacity:6l en 6l

This mean waste chewer can hold 12 liters of waste divided into two compartments. It's incredibly light and looks beautifully elegant; both the color scheme and the rounded curves have a distinctly retro vibe. Basically, if we had a pad in Palm Springs, we'd have one in our kitchen. The lids open with the lightest touch, and it's another easy-to-clean bin, thanks to the lack of internal mechanisms you see on pedal bins. Extra hands-on points are awarded for the corresponding set of labels, allowing recyclers to indicate the purpose of each bin. There's even a "hazardous waste" sticker that conjures up kitchen bins full of radioactive slime for some reason, but maybe that's just us.

Brabantia newicon stainless steel 4 liter waste and trash can with multiple compartments

Best:For small spaces


(Video) Recycling Do's and Don'ts in Deschutes County

  • Capacity:2l in 2l

We love everything about this container, whether it's the matte finish that's easy to clean or the nice wide lip, which allowed us to open the lid without needing the precision of a ballet dancer - essential when our hands are full of food ,frying pansor vegetable peels. The two compartments slide out incredibly easily and the lid has one of the softest closing mechanisms we've come across. We'd recommend it for smaller kitchens, although we think it works just as well as a separate bin for a particular type of recyclable waste. Our advice? Buy two or three for a color-coordinated recycling campaign.

It is a cube of oil with an open top

Best:For accessibility


  • Capacity:5l in 5l

The square shape and open design of this bin make it perfect for those oddly shaped nooks and crannies often found in kitchens. The trim is incredibly easy to remove and the absence of a foot makes the interior incredibly easy to clean. Four rubber pads protect delicate floors and associated labels can be used to label containers accordingly. We admit we're tired of open top bins - after all, who wants their rubbish on display? - but the clean exterior coupled with lime green splashes means we're more than happy to show off this garbage eater.

Orthex Smart Store

Best:For sustainability


  • Capacity:76l

It was love at first sight with this bin, which provides irrefutable proof that big is beautiful. It's also quite sustainable - there was (unlike almost every other bin) no plastic wrap and the lid is made from birch plywood, while the bin itself is made from recycled plastic. The best part? Not only is it a brilliant kitchen bin (or at least three smaller bins, placed side by side), but if you're lucky enough to have a larger kitchen, it doubles as a seat - and one that can hold up to 100kg . All three bins have double handles and are incredibly easy to pull out, and one of the three bins has its own lid, making it a compost bin.

Verdict: Kitchen recycling bins

Dunelm's 16 l low binit's one of the most stylish kitchen recycling bins we've ever seen, and it's incredibly well designed too. You won't go wrong for larger homesBlack + Decker's 40 liter soft closing pedal operated trash can, which has many features - including an ultra-quiet closure - rarely seen on larger bins. Finally,Eco round open trash can of 5/5 litersis another brilliantly designed waste bin that adds much needed color to the world of kitchen waste disposal.


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