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Blue kitchen cabinets are popular for good reason. It adds depth and sophistication while being highly versatile with other neutral tones. From soft blue-gray to bold navy, here are the best blue and navy kitchen cabinet paint colors to go perfectly in modern kitchens. Tips on lighting, professional application and more. Add some color to your world!

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (1)

While IpendencyI appreciate the merits of the warm white kitchen, I'm ready to put some color in my world! Cue the blues.

Blue has been one of the top choices for cabinet colors for half a decade. In fact, blue is the most popular cabinet color after white. Shades of blue go with any neutral while offering a unique pop of color. From farmhouse modern to mid-century modern, there's a perfect pigment for every aesthetic.

So how do you pick the perfect shade of blue? While there are easily thousands of inspiration photos online, you can find any image with the actual paint color listed! Don't panic my friends, I've included real life kitchen paint colors for inspiration and help!

Some general rules remain standard:

  • Light tones make small spaces reflect more light.
  • Dark colors work best in larger spaces.
  • Evaluate your kitchen lightingbecause it is essential when choosing any shade of paint.
  • Go halfway if you want! A blue island or bottom row of navy blue kitchen cabinets make a striking statement.

learn more abouthow to choose paint colorsopaint kitchen cabinets like a pro🇧🇷 In the meantime, delve into the world of moody blues to find the perfect hue for your kitchen cabinets.

light blue kitchen cabinets

If you like the idea of ​​dipping your toes in the pool of color but prefer something subtle, light blue is a solid choice. Hues mimic natural elements like sky and sea to create a serene gathering space. Light blue cabinets are an ideal choice for small kitchens or anyone looking for a soft pop of color. Here are 5 examples to inspire you in your design.

1. Benjamin Moore Blue Smoke

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (2)

Create a zen oasis with this medium gray shade softened by beautiful teal tones. Blue Smoke's cool tones reflect calm watercolors. Glossy white countertops and a striking marble backsplash brighten up the space. Brushed nickel hardware, soft gray accents and plush carpeting provide the perfect combination of pattern and texture.

2. Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (3)

What happens when you mix a touch of blue with a melancholy pale green? The perfect cool and relaxing gray tone is created. Pale smoke has an almost translucent quality. The design above showcases the celestial hue, pairing it with the classic white subway tile backsplash and silver gray accents.

3. Sherwin Williams Criptón

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (4)

Add calming color to any neutral space with Krypton. This cool grayish blue creates a comforting coastal vibe without being too loud. Rich gray undertones make it easy to pair this breezy hue with crisp white.owarm natural touches.

Pro Tip: Show, show, show.Did I say sample? Take the colors for a "test drive" before picking up a brush.Nobody should choose a paint color based on a photo they saw online.

For example, do you think the perfect "blue" formy modern bathroomis it really silver? It reads well blue! Likewise, Krypton appears medium gray on the sample card, but bluer in certain slots.

(Video) The Best Navy Blue Paint Colours: Painted Cabinets, Island, Front Doors and More

4. Névoa Midsea de Behr

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (5)

A medium blue-grey with hints of teal, Half Sea Fog is reminiscent of calm, rainy mornings. It is a timeless blue that naturally conveys a sense of tranquility. It's that first sip of coffee before the rest of the world wakes up. In the kitchen above, I especially love how the black accents juxtaposed with cool and warm tones highlight the versatility of this hue. Subway tile backsplash gives a classic, understated look.

Popular pale blue color ideas:

  • Sherwin Williams hinting at blue
  • Tono Notable de Sherwin Williams
  • Claraboya Farrow & Ball
  • Benjamin Moore Jazz suave
  • Benjamin Moore Ice Cube Silver - our modern bathroom makeover. Reads blue.

light blue cabinet paint colors

Soft blue is the current darling of the professional design world.That's right🇧🇷 Muted blues invigorate any space with clean, welcoming comfort. Sentimental tones - bleached denim, ocean waves, misty mornings - these bright hues blend effortlessly with a variety of decor styles.

Remember that lighting changes the hue of blue tones considerably. Consider your exposure to natural light and your existing finish when choosing a soft blue paint. Shades with a hint of gray tend to stand the test of time. I've listed some of my tried and true favorites.

5. Benjamin Moore Cortland Azul

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (6)

Clean. Classic. Elegant.This noble old world blue is a beautiful blend of blue and gray. Van Courtland Blue may be inspired by historic places, but it easily adapts to contemporary spaces. It's a timeless shade that never goes out of style. Van Courtland Blue brightens up this modern laundry workspace. White quartz counters and brass hardware stand out against the soft blue glow for a polished finish.

6. Benjamin Moore Normandy Blue

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (7)

A distinctive shade of dusty blue, Normandy Blue makes a bold statement without overwhelming a small space. Use it in your open-concept kitchen or to highlight architectural details. This medium grayish blue is reminiscent of the happy cafes where you drink coffee with friends. It's a perennial indoor and outdoor favorite. Patterned tile mosaic backsplash and cabinet trim take center stage in this elegant kitchen design with Normandy Blue cabinets.

7. Behr's Adirondack Blue

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (8)

A deep blue with cool gray undertones, this refreshing hue is as mesmerizing as the mist-shrouded mountain range that inspired its name. Adirondack Blue is a true team player. It balances bold details with the same ease with which it breathes new life into traditional spaces. As illustrated in the featured design scheme, this blue works well with a variety of eclectic styles and finishes.

(Video) Beautiful Navy Blue Paint Color | Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

8. Sherwin Williams Revel Azul

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (9)

A gray-blue color with cold undertones plays at the edges of the color spectrum. While Revel Blue is considered a light blue, it dabbles in purple territory.just enoughto give an air of nobility to your kitchen/bathroom space. We learned that shades that combine two colors (in this case, purple and blue) vary greatly in different lighting conditions. In this example, the transition from dark floors to light countertops and upper cabinets really lets the Revel Blue lower cabinets shine.

Popular medium colors:

  • Sherwin Williams azul honesto
  • benjamin moore soledad
  • Lounge Oval Farrow & Ball Blue
  • Farrow & Ball De Nîmes
  • Winter Lake Benjamin Moore
  • Valspar Blue Summer House
  • Sherwin Williams Waterloo

Dark blue and navy kitchen cabinets

Did you know that navy blue is the most relaxing color? Marine kitchen cabinets can be awarmtrend, but it's not a flash in the pan. Dark blue and navy blue cabinets have stood the test of time because they have a sophisticated look. While many trends have faded, these versatile shades have been a designer favorite for decades. Just put itnavy blue is the new black.Here are some of my favorites.

9. Blue Note de Benjamin Moore

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (10)

Do you feel brave? This might be the right color for you! It anchors your space and provides a sophisticated backdrop for other details to stand out. But make no mistake, this is not aone notecolor! The shades are navy blue with a hint of green. Transitions beautifully from day to night. Combine it with white tiles, white countertops and chrome appliances for a clean, modern kitchen design.

10. Azul Farrow e Ball Stiffkey

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (11)

A melancholic blue that gives us all the right feelings! Stiffkey Blue is inspired by Norfolk beach, where mud and cockles share this deep marine hue. In daylight, this blue looks vibrant and welcoming, while at night it creates a more intimate atmosphere. It's a traditional hue that easily lends itself to contemporary design.

11. Sherwin Williams' Salty Dog

Salty Dog is a pretty clever description for this traditional navy closet color. There's just a hint of green, so it looks bolder and brighter than other navy colors in well-lit homes. This on-trend blue is an ideal choice to use in large rooms to balance the scales. A striking blue island is similar to a sprinkle of sprinkles on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Talk aboutWowfactor!

12. Marina Sherwin Williams

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (12)

against onerealNavy blue! SW Naval is a rich navy blue that is a great choice for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry closets. mix with hotocool tones, silverogold, white hardwareogray accents... the possibilities are endless with Naval as your anchor (pun intended).

Pro Tip:Dark tones like Naval or Blue Note work best in large open-concept kitchens or spaces with high ceilings. Deep/bold paint colors add scale to large rooms, while tending to overwhelm small spaces.

13. Benjamín Moore Van Deusen Blue

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (13)

Midining roomthe walls are painted Van Deusen Blue, which looks like pretty dark blue denim. This is my go-to color when I want the navy feel in smaller or softer spaces. It's a cool navy shade with very little undertone, so the quality of the color is mostly dependent on light exposure. In well-lit spaces, Van Deusen appears in its true form as a medium dark blue hue.

14. Behr's Midnight Blue

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (14)

There's something inherently comforting about a navy blue and white color palette. It's fresh without feeling fussy. Behr Midnight Blue is a deep blue with shades of gray that manages to be captivating and calming at the same time. This rich, moody blue evokes an almost meditative state of comfort, while adding an unexpected pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette. The juxtaposition of contemporary and classic presented here is an understated glow.

More dark blue and navy kitchen cabinet colors to consider:

  • Benjamin Moore Azul de Newburyport
  • sherwin williams blue dress
  • Fusion Mineral Midnight Blue (my bathroom cabinet paint color)
  • Benjamin Moore Navy of New Providence
  • Farrow to Ball Made Azul
  • Valspar Indigo Streamer (my front door paint color)

Common questions

Should I make the island the same color as the rest of the cabinets?

Both ways work well depending on your kitchen layout. The kitchen island is a perfect place to try a pop of color without overwhelming a space.

What gloss should cabinets be painted?

(Video) Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors (that aren't white!)

I always recommend at least a satin finish for better durability. However, you can also do a smaller gloss like a matte with a sealing coat. You can read all of our recommendations atfinishing coatson here.

Which countertops go best with blue cabinets?

The best options for blue cabinets are usually a white, black, or wood countertop. White marble countertops have beautiful veining accented by cool colors. Today there are many options that can also imitate real marble without the maintenance. With the right shade of blue, blonde butcher tops can also be a great option.

What metal finish goes well with blue cabinets?

Blue is very versatile as it works with any metal finish from brass/gold to black and chrome. Brass/gold hardware adds warmth to these tones, while chrome hardware brings out the cool gray undertones.

Best paint colors for blue and navy kitchen cabinets (15)

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