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Woodbridge Encanamento Inc


The plumber came as scheduled and promptly fixed the leaking faucet. The installation of the new sink faucet went as expected. Everything was done professionally. I will use again.

- Jörg M....

Service Specialties Inc.


The faucet has been installed and appears to be working well. A full plumbing inspection was supposed to be done, but the technician only installed the faucet and nothing else.

-Gary W....

High 5 plumbing


The installation went well, the technician came promptly and was very accommodating. I thought the price was a bit steep but I was glad to get the job done and have my sink working again. The work was completed in about 45 minutes. I had previously purchased a faucet with a pop up drain. OThe cost was $281 to install the faucet (I provided it), plus $236 for parts and installing a new P-Trap tube (wow, just wow). I asked the dispatcher to waive the $49 site fee if I decided to complete the job. I suggest that you do the same if you choose to "High 5 Plumbing" since standard practice is to add this visit fee on top of everything else unless you opt for a $200 annual subscription, which is includes a 10% discount, among other "benefits". .

-David F....

Sanitary Ireland


Rob was great. Professional and friendly service. He gave honest advice and got the job done in about an hour. He also let me know that our scheduled time slot had fallen, which I really appreciated as it allowed me to stay at work and not be a few extra hoursat home waiting for his arrival

- Cullen S....

Dj's Plumbing Services LLC


The installation of the DJ was excellent. It came out for the offer and it was well below the offers I had received from other plumbing companies. We made an appointment to work the following week and he showed up right on time and completed all the necessary work to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend himservices and would happily hire him again for future plumbing work. Thanks

-Antonio N....

Douglas & Son Services


Douglas & Son Services were very professional and courteous. I would definitely hire her for another job and also recommend her services to a neighbor or friend.

- Stefan B....

Sami's Plumbing llc


Erik Sami has been eliminated three times in the past five years. He is always approachable and very competent. What I find most impressive is their genuine interest in saving us money. He pointed me to cost-effective solutions several times, which often resulted in fewer billable hoursIs

- Stefan C....

McCarthy Services


The asking price was good. However, when they started, the deal price didn't cover much and they kept adding extra costs that should have been included in the deal. The way they handled the billing is the reason I will not be using this company again.

- John P. McCarthy....

John C. Flood – DC und Maryland




FH Furr sanitary heating AC and electric


The service was excellent from the phone call to make an appointment to the technician assigned to install. The only hiccup I had was the cost, which seemed high to me.

- Alan K....

FH Furr sanitary heating AC and electric


When disaster struck, we had a large gathering of local and out-of-town family and close friends for a grandmother's surprise birthday party. We turned to F H Furr Plumbing and Jimmy B came to the rescue! He explained the problem, started the fix and was in and out in no time.problem faucet installed...happy party! My thanks go to the FH Furr team! PS Grandma thanks you too

-David P....

W H Winegar & Son plumbing and heating


Great experience. I called on the Wednesday before a bank holiday weekend and they were able to accommodate me before the weekend. The technician explained everything to me and did a great job with the installation and the final cost was less than originally budgeted.

-Rico L....

plumber drink


Mike, our service provider, provided excellent service. He came on time, explained what he needed to do, got the job done quickly and competently. We couldn't be happier.

-Alfred M....



We have relied on Genevie Pumbing for all our plumbing needs for over 25 years. They are always fast, very friendly and ALWAYS get the job right. Today Joey and Joel installed a new kitchen faucet. They were professional and got the job done in under an hour! Thank you Genevie Plumbing foralways offer the best service

- Martin F....

Heating and air conditioning service


The plumber who showed up called to go over the details of the job and gave me an idea of ​​what the job would entail. He arrived on time, got to work and completed the job on time to my satisfaction. Its pricing was fair - much more reasonable than what a local competitor was offering. I liked minePlumber that I gave his number to my husband who used it for a project in his office/warehouse the next day. We will also sign an HVAC contract with them.

- Claudia M....

The Gentle Plumber


The plumber did a great job replacing an old leaking kitchen faucet with one I bought. We had a small leak in a drain which he was able to fix at extra cost and he did a great job too.

Karen K....



My garage faucet (for hoses) spouted a small bucket of water when I turned on the water and turned off the faucet (very annoying). Two technicians arrived at the house on time and installed a new faucet in about 15 minutes. Problem solved.

-Marcos P....

Cardinal Plumbing, Heating and Air Inc.


After purchasing the company, I was contacted almost immediately. I told the owner what needed to be done and he told me what type of faucet to buy. An appointment was made and the employee came. He was on time and very accommodating. There was a little problem because I have a cornerThe new faucet's vanity and handles were too long (my mistake when I bought it) but the worker sent the owner a photo and instructions on how to install it. Worked perfectly. I was then called and asked if everything was working to my satisfaction. I have been very happy with Cardinal Plumbing and will definitely use them again

- Debora J....

JW Handyman


Installed kitchen faucet, installed bathroom faucet and fixed leak, installed toilet seat and fixed broken handle. They were great, were on time and kept me up to date on costs while I was working. The work is of high quality. We are pleased.

- Zorina A....

Haynes Enchantment LLC


Very satisfied! John quickly called back and charged me an hourly rate of $125 mins. He figured the job would take no more than an hour. (The following time was prorated in 15 minute intervals.) (Another plumber's quote was $295). He came as promised, called ahead and got the job done in less thanone hour. I got a discount on Angie's list. I will definitely call Haynes next time I need a plumber.

-Gracemarie B....

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    The typical cost of replacing a bathtub or shower drain is $230 to $1,170

  • How much does it cost to replace or install the shower head?

    You can expect to find anywhere from $530 to $2,700 to replace or install a showerhead

  • How much does a pipe leak repair cost?

    The average cost of repairing leaking pipes is $500, but the actual cost depends on the type of leak.


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