7 Dream Cabins in Vagamon for a refreshing break amidst the alluring hills of Kerala (2023)

If listening to the sound of silence and gazing at stunningly green misty meadows is your idea of ​​the perfect holiday, then there's nowhere better than the charming hill town of Vagamon, tucked away in Kerala's Idukki district.Surrounded by tea plantations, green hills, waterfalls and lush forest cover, the luxurious and relaxedcabins in Vagamonoffers the perfect recipe for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

7 dream cabins in Vagamon for a luxurious stay in the middle of nature

So if you are looking forward to visiting Kerala soon then choose one of these cozy huts in Vagamon to revel in nature!

7. Palácio Verde Residence

7 Dream Cabins in Vagamon for a refreshing break amidst the alluring hills of Kerala (1)

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Located close to the best attractions and with a beautiful view of the mountains, the charming Green Valley Residency offers comfortablecheap huts on Vagamon.The well-appointed two-bedroom cabins, located very close to the popular Vagamon Meadows, are well maintained and perfect for a family with children. Waking up to misty mornings and spectacular views, delicious homemade food and affordable prices make this a great option for your stay in the charming mountain town.

Rate/Night:Starting from INR 1423 (based on dual membership)
TripAdvisor rating:4/5
Location:Vagamon, Idukki, Kolahalamedu,Querala685503

6. Winter Valley

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Stretching across 20 acres of lush vegetation, this eco-friendly resort will captivate you with its serene atmosphere, stunning location and spectacular views from every stateroom. Your search for cheap Vagamon cabins nestled in the lap of nature with all the modern conveniences ends at this fantastic property. With a children's play area, outdoor pool, fire pit and extensive spaces within the property where you can just sit back and soak in the natural beauty that surrounds you, Winter Vale is sure to captivate you. The resort also organizes barbecues, bike and hiking trips, plantation walks and jeep safaris upon request.

Rate/Night:From INR 1900 (based on double action)
TripAdvisor rating:4,5/5
Location:Winter Vale Road, Kurisumala Ashram Junction, Vazhikkadavu, Vagamon, Kerala 686512

5. Finca Vagamon Green Hill

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Located on the outskirts of Vagamon, this resort paradise is hidden among tea gardens and surrounded by jungles and hills. These are certainly one of theThe best country houses in Vagamonfor your encounter with nature in all its splendor in a peaceful environment. Nothing is too much trouble for the warm and attentive staff who go out of their way to make your stay comfortable and memorable. You can take peaceful walks through the tea gardens or along paths that lead to the forest and crystal clear springs. There is a children's playground, a swimming pool and a basketball court for those looking for outdoor fun.

Rate/Night:Starting from INR 2,900 (based on double shares)
TripAdvisor rating:4,5/5
Location:Uluppuni, vagamon, Idukki, Kerala 685601

4. Misty Dreams Vagamón

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A perfect choice for a group stay in Vagamon, Misty Dreams offers a perfect cottage amidst the tea plantations with panoramic views of the surrounding meadows and forests. This dreamy plantation family home is the ideal place for quiet contemplation and blissful solitude. The friendly owner and friendly staff ensure that all your needs are taken care of quickly and to your satisfaction. From arranging hikes to cozy campfires, horseback riding sessions and jeep safaris, management is always ready to help.

Rate/Night:Starting from INR 2,900 (based on double shares)
Google rating:3,8/5
Location:Vagamon P.O., distrito de Idukki, Chottupara, Kerala 685503

3. Orion County

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This 240 acre estate fulfills your dream of a perfect, peaceful cottage nestled in lush greenery and blissful serenity. Orion County offers some of the best one, two and three bedroom apartments.cabins in Vagamonfor anyone looking for a rejuvenating retreat. Located on different levels of the tea plantations, the chalets further up the slope offer the best panoramic views. You spend languid days inside the property, taking long walks on misty mornings and taking in the scenic beauty from multiple vantage points.

Rate/Night:Starting from INR 5,266 (based on double shares)
TripAdvisor rating:4/5
Location:Pullikkanam – Elappara Rd, Rice Rock, Vagamon P.O, Peermade, Kerala 685503

2. Vagamon Heights

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Vagamon Heights is the perfect place to forget about the outside world and lose yourself in the splendor of nature. Spread over 250+ acres of farmland, this fantastic property has an indoor adventure park, beautiful lookouts and beautiful lakes for boating. You can choose from a variety of the most charmingcabins on Vagamon,depending on your taste and group size. The open jeep ride to the top of the hill is an adventure in itself and the views from the top are breathtaking. BBQ nights, bonfire and a warm and welcoming staff add to the charm of this magnificent Vagamon cabin stay.

Rate/Night:From INR 7710 (based on double action)
TripAdvisor rating:4,5/5
Location:Graciasakanam Estate, Pullikkanam – Elappara Road, Vagamon, Kerala 68550

1. Your Vagamon hideout

7 Dream Cabins in Vagamon for a refreshing break amidst the alluring hills of Kerala (7)

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Entering Saj Vagamon Hideout is like entering a world untouched by the ravages of civilization, where the loudest sounds are birdsong and crickets humming. This luxurious 30-acre estate features Vagamon's loveliest cottages, dotted around a tranquil lake. Eco-lodges built in a traditional architectural style are made entirely from natural materials with the aim of maintaining harmony with nature. With ample fun activities like fishing, billiards, organic farm tours and hiking, you won't want to leave this natural paradise.

Rate/Night:From INR 7770 (based on double action)
TripAdvisor rating:4,5/5
Location:Pullikkanam Elappara Rd, Kolahalamedu, Vagamon, Kerala 685501

hypnotized a lot? So, which of these cabins on Vagamon do you intend to choose for your nexttravel to kerala? Tell us in the comments below!

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Cabin FAQs on Vagamon

When is the best time to visit Vagamon?

Vagamon is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit this beautiful place is after the monsoons from June to September, when mother nature paints the valley in beautiful hues. For adventure activities, summers are the best time to visit.

What are the things to do in Vagamon?

Hiking, jeep tours, boating, camping, paragliding, exploring the countryside are some of the adventurous things to do in Vagamon.

What's special about Vagamon?

Vagamon is known for its lush misty meadows, enchanting hills, magnificent waterfalls and lush forests. Its beauty and charm attract thousands of visitors every year.

Is Vagamon worth visiting?

Vagamon has some of the most spectacular views with an ethereal feel. There are many places to see in Vagamon, including Vagamon Waterfalls, Ancient Water Tunnels, Kurishumala, Thangal Hill (Thangal Para), Lake Vagamon, Pine Forest, Murugan Hill (Murugan Para), Suicide Point, Vagamon Grasslands and tea plantations that make it worth a visit.

Is vagamon safe?

Vagamon is a safe place to visit. The climate is perfect for a comfortable stay in these beautiful hills.

What's the weather like in Vagamon?

Vagamon's climate is generally pleasant year-round, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. Even in summer (March to June), Vagamon has a very pleasant climate, as the temperature ranges from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.

What's the best place to camp in Vagamon?

Vagamon Heights is a beautiful place in the middle of nature and is ideal for camping, trekking and other fun activities.

When is the best time to paraglide in Vagamon?

The summer months between March and June are the best time for paragliding in Vagamon.

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