18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (2023)

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If your trash can is completely ruining your kitchen vibe, I get why you're here. Not all of us can revamp our kitchens to have cute cabinet bins that blend seamlessly with the rest of our kitchen décor, and we shouldn't have to with our trash, either. With that in mind, I've compiled a list of the best kitchen essentials to consider if you need to completely rethink your waste storage system. I know mine was before I saw a bunch of these containers!

Whatever your situation, whether you sort things yourself at home or your community doesn't recycle (boo!), there is a way to accomplish this task. And make it look a little neater (and less obtrusive) in your apartment or house. This also gives you a lot more counter space, so when your dinnerware is in your kitchen, you have a little more room to stretch out after dinner.

Think of everything from closet bins to all-in-one recycling units to trash-only bins. You will see them all below. I have divided the task of reviewing these containers with the rest ofroyal housesTeam, so these solutions have been tested in houses, apartments, shared flats and more. The ones we love the most (and still use to this day) were included in this guide.

For more kitchen must-haves, check out our ultimate guide on the subject.best cleaning productsfor everything you need under your sink. But first let's talk about nonsense.

The 18 Best Kitchen Containers for Style, Selected by Real Homes

Why you can trust Real HomesOur experts spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best one for you.Learn more about how we test.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (1)

1. Recipiente del sensor Chroma de Morphy Richards

best kitchen bucket

Assessment:5/5 stars

+ Square to fit in corners
+ steel body
+ great price
- not the best
- Sometimes difficult to empty

For those who can't handle pedal bins, go for this touch sensor bin. Upon review, we decided it was more suitable for couples and small families with small kitchens. With a contemporary design and a square shape to fit in a kitchen corner, the bin has a corrosion resistant coating and a retaining ring for easy coating changes. Sometimes you have to take out your trash bag when it's super full, but other than that it's a great price and a great bin.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (2)

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2. Tower Freedom Recycling System


Tapa:2 sensors, 1 train
Assessment:5/5 stars

+ all-in-one system
+ Sensor Recycle Bin
- Grande
- High price

If you're looking for a solution to store your general waste and recycling in one place, this is the kitchen bin for you. Although it is large, the set is completely stackable and will fit perfectly in your kitchen. The two overhead compartments are activated by sensors, while the spacious general waste bin slides out for access. It's deceptively spacious and we loved using it in our kitchen. Certainly an investment, but definitely worth it.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (3)

3. Brabantia Compost Bin for Food Waste

best feed box

Assessment:5/5 stars

+ stainless steel handle
+ handsome
+ dishwasher safe
+ 100% recyclable after use

For elegant storage of food waste, without unpleasant odours, this waste bin from Brabantia ticks all our boxes. It is compact, dishwasher safe and recyclable after use. Choose from three colors and use the stainless steel handle for easy pouring. It is also spacious enough for families. This is definitely our favorite food container we've ever used, and unlike the cheaper ones, it lasts and lasts.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (4)

4. JosephJoseph Totem Max

luxury kitchen cube

Tapa: Press the button
Colors: 4
Assessment:5/5 stars

+ Clean and tidy
+ Perfect for small spaces
+ easy to empty
- Not for large families.
- High price

It may be pricey, but this JosephJoseph bin is the ultimate solution for saving space in your kitchen and is a true beauty to behold. The compact design is clever, with the top storage space for all your general waste, as well as a dedicated compartment for compost/food waste and the bottom drawer that pulls out on wheels to collect your recycling. You can buy replaceable odor filters from it and it has corners that won't tear through trash bags. Buy quality and only buy when it crosses your mind.

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18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (5)

5. Retro Swan Square Sensor Container

stylish kitchen bucket

Assessment:4.5/5 stars

+ fun design
+ Ideal for corners
+ Sensor opening makes it so easy to use
- Not for large families.

This is for the style-seekers who don't want a large, unsightly bowl to overshadow their sumptuous kitchen. It's available in a range of vintage-inspired pastels with chrome trim and looks very classy, ​​thanks in no small part to the lack of bulky pedals or grips. Instead, it opens with a sensor. It also has a handy trash bag retainer ring to keep your black bag in place. If pink isn't your thing, there are other shades, like mustard yellow and green.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (6)

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6. Brabantia Touch Kitchen Bin

For small kitchens

Assessment:4/5 stars

+ feels high quality
+ Very little assembly
- Bags are expensive.
- narrow opening

We tested the Brabantia Touch compact in a dreamy shade of blue, which was a refreshing take on our well-worn-looking container. It is easy to clean with a removable plastic inner bucket and is responsive to a very light touch. Also, thanks to its rounded edges, it doesn't take up much space, making it perfect for apartments. Just be careful, the bags they recommend are expensive, but you are not.haveto use them.

(opens in a new tab)

7. Living Nostalgia Antik Creme Treteimer

kitchen pedal bin

Assessment:4/5 stars

+ Ideal for apartments
+ vintage style
+ hands free
- Sin sensor

This waste bin is the perfect finishing touch to give your kitchen a vintage look. It is also ideal for those looking for an elegant and country-style environment. It offers plenty of space and a removable interior unit for easy cleaning. One of our team currently has this in her kitchen, keeping its unsightly leftovers and finding it super stylish yet nice and simple. It is also super resistant and easy to clean.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (8)

8. Sort and go from Brabantia

The best kitchen waste in the pantry

Ability:2 x 12 liters
Assessment:4.5/5 stars

+ Hidden in the closet
+ color code
- 12 liter bags are expensive
- Small for families
- Expensive for the size.

Looking for a kitchen trash can (or two) to hide in the cabinet under your sink? These Brabantia bins are different colours, so you can use one for general rubbish and the other for recycling, or whatever. Each bin has a convenient handle for emptying, and you should also leave plenty of room in your cabinet for cleaning supplies and kitchen towels.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (9)

9. Bo Touch paperwork from Brabantia

For modern kitchens

Tapa:Tap Open
Assessment:4.5/5 stars

+ still
+ standing
- Compartments are sold separately
- Sin sensor
- Pretty big

The Brabantia Bo opens quietly with the slightest push. You can add compartments inside to separate your waste in style, otherwise it's 36L in total. It sits on legs, giving it that modern touch and making it easy to pick up any loose crumbs. According to our rating, it is perfect for modern kitchens, but only if you have free space.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (10)

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10. EKO Ecofly Stage Tank

elegant kitchen bucket


+ Optimized and high-quality design
+ easy
- A little expensive

This one was tested by our deputy editor, who loves its sleek look. It is also a recycling bin as it has two well-kept compartments, we use one side for daily rubbish and the other for mixed recycling. She notes that the brushed metal finish looks very classy and instantly upgraded the kitchen in her shared apartment. The lid closes smoothly and quietly, the compartments are easily removable, and it sits on wheels. It is very tidy, easy to keep clean and fits in all types of kitchens, even the smallest ones, as it is streamlined.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (11)

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11. Habitat Three Compartment Recycling Bin

best recycle bin


+ all-in-one system
+ color code
+ Ideal for small homes
- Takes up additional floor space
- No space for residual waste

We've yet to test this system, but if you love to recycle but don't have room for a second (and third) bin, opt for this 3-in-1 Pedal Bin. The color coding makes it easy to remember what's what, and the Elegant and simple brushed metal case looks very neat. Each compartment is on the smaller side at 15L each, so a total of 45L.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (12)

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12. Dunelm Pink Pedal Kitchen Bin

affordable kitchen bucket


+ affordable
+ compact
- Not for large families.

If you're looking for a kitchen bin on a budget, this one from Dunelm is perfect for small homes and stylish too. It is rounded, which reduces the space needed in a kitchen. The trash can opens by pressing the pedal and has a removable bucket inside. It is highly rated by reviewers and is ideal if you are looking for something compact and pretty.

(opens in a new tab)

13. simplehuman container with butterfly lid

Trash can under the counter

ability: 30L
Tapa: butterfly cover
Colors: 1

+ unique lid design
+ Can be opened under countertops
+ Super strong and durable steel pedal
+ smart retention device

Don't be fooled by the intricate design of the butterfly cap, because this product is available in Lakeland, it means business. The steel bin fits conveniently under counters and the quiet-closing lid with patented Lid Shox technology ensures there's no banging or banging when dumping. Reviewers rave about it.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (14)

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14. Dunelm Copper 30L Slim basura cube

best metal container

ability: 30L
Tapa: Dropdown
Colors: 1

+ Pedal for greater hygiene
+ slim design
+ Removable plastic inner bucket with handle
- Some customers have complained about the hinge design

Chic and kitchen bucket are not words that we would normally use together in a sentence, but this model is full of beauty. Great for an industrial or art deco inspired scheme, make a statement with a dramatic trash can. The slim design means it can be stored in a small kitchen corner without interrupting the flow of your cooking area.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (15)

15. Next Treteimer Kitchen

Printed kitchen bucket

ability: 30L
Tapa: Pedal

+ attractive motif
+ slim design
+ removable interior
+ Built-in pocket fixer

If you want something fun to contain your waste, head on over to Next. The elegant pattern on this container will look great in any kitchen, whether your cooking area is traditional, modern, or a bit of both. Not only does it look good, the container works well too. Our favorite feature has to be the trash bag hider because no one wants a VBL (it's a visible trash bag!)

(Video) Eating Different Country Food Challenge 😍अलग अलग देश का खाना!

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (16)

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16. Habitat Trash Can

best trash can


+ Ideal for recycling
+ easy
- Not hands free
- Broad

If you prefer the look of a trash can and don't mind lifting the lid every time you want to add something to your trash pile, then this Habitat option is a great one. If you buy more than one, they are great for separating waste. With a capacity of 49 litres, they accept any standard bag. The bins have handles, just like the lid, so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries or a broken pedal.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (17)

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17. Mia's Passage in the Trash Can

robust kitchen bucket

ability: 24L
Tapa: Pedal
Colors: 5

+ Resistant to rust and dirt
+ Suitable for outdoor use
+ can be washed

If the latest kitchen canisters feel a little too contemporary, check out this rustic tin to make an old-school statement. Constructed of high-quality galvanized steel, it's just what you need to add an industrial-chic feel to your food prep space. In addition to antique gold, this product is available in black, white, gray, and copper. Plus, you can leave it outside (or use it) and it won't rust!

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (18)

18. Wham Casa Oscillating Bucket

Collapsible kitchen waste bin

ability: 50L
Tapa: swing
Colors: 2

+ Durable
+ light
+ affordable
+ Made in the UK
- The plastic

It doesn't mean a thing if you don't have that swing (trash can)! But once you've tried this super cute sage product, trust us: You'll see swinging buckets in a different light. The smooth rectangular shape means it sits flush against walls and it comes in a pretty pastel green that would look good in any kitchen. Despite thisEsMade of plastic, it is durable and lightweight, so we can assure you that it is here to stay. The packaging is also available in a neutral mushroom shade. Who knew that kitchen cubes could be so instagrammable?

What is the best kitchen bucket?

In terms of the best all-around kitchen bin, my favorite is this one.Morphy Richards Chromatic Wastebasket(opens in a new tab)because markinthe boxes. It's affordable, stylish, comes in a variety of colors, and opens up when you greet it. It's also square in shape, so it fits nicely in a corner. The two different capacities are ideal for supplying homes of different sizes.

Otherwise, if you're interested in an all-in-one recycling unit to keep all your waste locked up and in the same corner of your kitchen, I highly recommend it.Amazon's Tower Freedom Recycling System(opens in a new tab). It's compact yet space-saving and super easy to empty and keep clean.

Where should I put a kitchen trash can?

"When deciding where to place your kitchen container, it's important to consider the layout of the kitchen, including its size, how you'll use it, and how often," explains Antony Joseph, creative director ofJose jose(opens in a new tab).

“A large kitchen offers plenty of space and opportunities for a large-capacity trash can, while asmall kitchen schemeit means that you should prioritize the optimization of space. For a small kitchen, trash cans are most useful in the cupboard, usually under the sink for easy food disposal before washing. With an integrated waste bin, you mimic a sleek design while keeping a limited footprint.”

"When it comes to a larger kitchen, it's best to keep the trash can near the prep area or under or near the sink for convenience. You can also place it in a corner so it doesn't block or hinder access to other devices." .

How often should you clean your food waste container?

Joseph recommends emptying and even cleaning the food waste bin daily to prevent bad odors and bacteria buildup. You can use lemon andVinegar, as well as warm soapy water and baking soda to clean them and smell fresh.

Verification Process of Royal Houses

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (19)

(Image credit: Future | Camille Dubuis-Welch)

We've tested 10 out of 18 of these kitchen containers to make sure they're up to a good standard in terms of style and quality. We divided this task among the team so everyone had a chance to try out a trash can and provide feedback. This is how we've tested containers in large family homes, small apartments, and everything in between. The ones we liked made it to this list, and we even gave each container we tested a star rating to help you decide.

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Before introducing these containers, we must have been using them at home for a month or two. This is to ensure that they can withstand daily use and are easy to clean. We also want to make sure they don't break easily and are real investment pieces because let's face it: a new trash can is expensive.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (20)

Annie Koller

annieis our main eCommerce publisher and often reviews a variety of products from mattresses to kitchen buckets to a grill or three. Annie lives with her husband in a two-bedroom flat in south-east London. She is an avid recycler, although she doesn't really want three or four bins taking up space in her kitchen, which is why she loves them.Tower Freedom Recycling System(opens in a new tab).

Before that, Annie had them.Morphy Richards Chroma Sensor Capsule, which was in his kitchen for years. In fact, she only switched to the tower model because he realized she needed to upgrade to a larger bin that could also hold her recycling.

Annie tried that tooI will be in BrabantTrash cans at his parents' house in their busy family kitchen. They wanted something that would help them separate their recycling without compromising their modern style. This was the perfect match and still stands up years later.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (21)

lindsey davis

lindseyworks at Future for a variety of brands, including other websites such ashousing etc,houses and gardens,Ydream home. Lindsey raves about the two kitchen bins featured in this guide, and she really recommends the built-in cabinet.Sort and go from BrabantTrash cans to put things out of the way. They are the perfect waste bins for under the sink. Otherwise, your food container is theBrabantia Compost Bin, which she loves mainly for its convenience. It goes in the dishwasher!

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (22)

Molly Cleary

girlHe was previously an eCommerce writer atroyal houses, specialized in floor care. Molly lives with her boyfriend in an apartment and has little space to work in the kitchen. That's why she loved themJosephJoseph Totem Max. It's definitely a luxury option, but it certainly looks great and is super compact for renters and anyone who lives in an apartment.

18 kitchen boxes that are oddly elegant (23)

Camille Dubuis-Welch

he takeshe is our deputy editor and lives in a shared flat in London. He currently has the EKO Ecofly Step Bin in his kitchen and uses it for both general rubbish and recycling. He has it in a beautiful blue color (as shown above) and he really loves it. He sits perfectly in a corner of his kitchen and looks super sleek and streamlined.

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Trash Can

1st size
Depending on the size of your home and the amount of waste you generate, you should consider what capacity would be right for you. We have listed general trash bins, food bins, closet bins, and recycling units. It all depends on the size of your kitchen and the size of your family.

2. Tapa
Think about the lid on your new kitchen container, because sensor lids are useful when you're cooking or when you have your hands full, but they cost extra. Otherwise, some bins can be opened by touch, which is usually silent, and there are pedal bins as well. It really all depends on personal preference.

3. Style
After that, it's all a matter of style. If you think all trash cans are a bit off-putting, think again because a large trash can in the kitchen doesn't have to interrupt your interior design. Choose something colorful to liven up your kitchen, or try a bin in the cabinet to hide your trash.

What is a good kitchen bucket size?

Anything between 15 and 30 liters should be fine if you live alone or with another person and don't pull above average.

In general, a 30-40 liter container is recommended for families of three whose container is taken out frequently.

Four or more people, or those who don't want to take out more trash than necessary, are better suited to 40 to 50 liter bins.

Choose something that can hold more than 50 liters when it comes to an all-in-one unit for recycling and general waste.

Where to buy a new kitchen trash can

Still want to buy a kitchen bucket? You can continue browsing online here. Click to shop all currently available products.


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